Influential Motivational Speaker Nick Laureano on Empowering His Followers to Live Their Best Lives

Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and rising actor Nick Laureano uses his massive influence on today’s generation to inspire positivity and hope so people can find their way through life armed with encouragement. He leverages both his present and past challenges to inspire people to keep on moving forward no matter how difficult times get along the way. The future is promised to no one, but Nick understands that people can find a way to live life to the fullest while they journey to achieve their biggest dreams. 

The 26-year-old has been actively helping people change for the better by simply empowering them with his powerful and life-changing words, stories that help them see things from a better perspective, and teaching them to acquire a champion’s mindset. People have found hope and motivation by watching his videos. And getting messages of gratitude from his viewers is motivation enough for him to continue what he is doing. 

“I love seeing others win along my journey and don’t believe in being selfish as I get a huge joy of seeing everyone thrive and smile. My content continues to rise, empower, and spark a change in every individual who watches it,” Nick shared. “Daily I get messages on how I inspired someone who was feeling stuck or stagnant in life and that alone is my why. My goal is to be one of the most recognized influencers leaving a mark on humanity in such a positive light while chasing my dream as an actor.”

A lot of people today treat failure as the enemy when in truth, it can be a springboard to greater achievements in life so long as people learn from them. As a positive influence to his followers, he equips them to see failure differently, to stand back up again after a fall, and to be brave enough to try again. 

The need for more positivity in the world today inspired Nick to create his personal brand and establish Only the Motivated. His clothing brand depicts powerful statements that can encourage more than just the users, but the people who see them wearing it at the same time. His clothing brand stands for fighting back despite the odds, pressing on despite the obstacles, and doing good for others. His clothing brand is also a reflection of his personal values and convictions as an individual, someone who makes an effort to be kind and good to others without expecting anything in return. 

Nick still has big dreams for himself despite his current success as a motivational speaker. He aspires to be a well-respected actor someday and wants to be remembered as someone who never succumbed to stigma or subscribed to how others perceived him. By pushing himself further and opening himself up to exciting possibilities within the entertainment business, he wishes to create a path for others who are struggling with the idea of pursuing their dreams. Creating his own family, owning real estate properties across the globe, and continuing to be a positive influence to others are also in the picture. 

Seeing other people succeed and live out their best lives by being bold and hardworking are two exciting things that Nick Laureano wants to see happening in the lives of the people who follow him. By inspiring them to believe in themselves, he hopes to be instrumental in creating a new generation of confident and resilient individuals. “Remember this, do it for yourself too. Don’t just do it for those things, but do it because you owe it to yourself and you’ve come a long way even though you probably thought you wouldn’t. You should be proud of your continuous effort and persistence, don’t stop when you’ve already put in so much,” Nick advised. 

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