Jackie Zuk Successfully Corners the Marketing and Media Industry with NEXTonSCENE Media LLC

The digital marketing industry has seen a meteoric rise over the years. The rapid progress of technology has made our world far more connected than ever before. Early adopters have seen massive success, thanks to the lucrative ways that they can leverage their brands by carefully navigating the digital space. Jackie Zuk, also known as JZ, stands at the forefront of the digital marketing industry, providing her expert services to a wide array of clients through the years. 

JZ is a marketing and media expert that helps entrepreneurs get “on scene” where it truly matters. She has successfully leveraged her hundreds of thousands of social media connections and loyal followers to help elevate her clients’ businesses. She looks to her ever-growing following for all the latest trends in fashion, inspiring products, and cutting-edge business ventures. 

Hailing from New York, JZ relocated to Boston in 2014 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Based in Everett, Massachusetts, she has become a trailblazer in the marketing and media industry, creating her very own company, NEXTonSCENE Media LLC, where she also serves as the Editor-in-Chief for their magazine NEXTonSCENE

The esteemed founder and owner of NEXTonSCENE is also a renowned podcast broadcaster for her show NEXTonSCENE with JZ and a producer of high-quality promotional events and PR campaigns. What makes her extremely impressive is the fact that she is a self-taught entrepreneur who has managed to garner success in her industry through hard work and passion alone. She firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell, and she has taken it upon herself to lend her voice and tell the all-important stories that her clients want to spread to the world.

Jackie Zuk helps her clients bring out their authenticity and their influence on the world. Her strategic marketing plan helps simplify her clients’ message so that potential clients will gravitate towards them. Her tried-and-tested strategy has been proven to be lucrative to her clients, giving them more ways to earn and making them more visible to customers worldwide. This allows them to build better business relationships online and beyond.

Recently, Jackie Zuk was named as one of the Top 10 Social Media Experts to Look out for in 2021 by Yahoo News Finance. She was also named as a Top 10 Female Disruptor for 2021, according to Disrupt Magazine. Her success is fueled by her knowledge and expertise in the field of marketing. JZ test-runs all of her strategies on herself before she applies them to her clients. She always delivers what she says she is going to do, and she makes sure to be transparent and passes on the position if it’s not a fit. 

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for JZ, as she has been rejected by lots of media outlets when trying to place her own clients. She also found that they weren’t delivering on time and failed to meet high-quality standards for their outputs. So she ventured out on her own and created her own products in the form of magazines and podcasts. Distributing her presence in printed and digital media, JZ has successfully conquered the marketing industry with NEXTonSCENE Media LLC. She also offers day-to-day consulting, social media, and PR services.

In the near future, Jackie Zuk is poised to scale her multimillion-dollar business as she continues to expand full-service marketing and media offers. She also envisions her company having its own photoshoot and video studio where they will host their annual fashion and expo events. As she continues down her path of success, JZ hopes that she can inspire others to reach for their dreams and trust their intuition.

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