Jaime Peralta on a Mission to Uplift Creators in the Latino and Other Minority Communities

As a Latino entertainer-turned-film executive who sees how much talents struggle to reach the top, Jaime Peralta is committed to making a difference and bringing his mission to life. The actor, musician, producer and talent manager recently became the executive vice president of development at Areu Bros Studios and announced his plans to support Latino and other minority talents to fulfill their potential to the fullest.

Jaime Peralta, who became the vice president at a film studio while being a stay-at-home dad, has never been one to shy away from pursuing his goals relentlessly. He believes that everyone deserves a fair shot at success, and with the right resources, many talents will thrive in the entertainment world. In addition to becoming a film company’s vice president, Jaime also co-owns an app, Viralocity Software, LLC, and manages talented musician A.B. Quintanilla III, the older brother of singer Selena, also known as The Queen of Tejano Music. He has also worked as an actor, musician, producer and executive producer on various film projects.

The father of five who resides in Hawaii, Los Angeles and Georgia has an impressive resume in the film industry, which he hopes to leverage to thrive in his current capacity. He has worked on films like “Champions” (1997), “Carnival of Souls” (1999), “Sorority Boys” (2002), “Tri Wes Mortgage” (2005), “Grey’s Anatomy: Under Pressure” (2006), “Hotel California” (2008), and “What Just Happened” (2008). He has also served as an executive producer on the TV series Undercover (2016) and Road 2 Remembrance (2021) and as a pre-production co-producer for Addicted to You.

Jaime’s goal is to put himself out there and help the many people asking him to launch their careers. “I am willing to work with people who want to be represented by a big company. At Areu Bros Studios, we have the pull to launch any artist’s career to the next level, and I’m committed to making that happen,” he said. Jaime, who had his education at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-Los Angeles and The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting, understands what it means to undergo a developmental process and learn from scratch; thus, he would like to present talents with the opportunity to grow and develop into successful individuals.

In addition to supporting the career journey of budding talents, Jaime hopes to make himself a worthy example for people to follow. With his work in the entertainment world, he aims to be an inspiration and give young artists and go-getters reasons to follow their dreams. “I want to break barriers and represent Latinos and minority people. We have come a long way and deserve to be at the forefront. With my plans and the massive success we all stand to achieve, I hope I inspire someone out there to believe that they can do it too,” Jaime said.

Over the next few years, Jaime plans to dominate the entertainment industry with his ideas and projects while giving aspiring talents room to grow and build thriving careers for themselves.

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