Jay Honest Revolutionizes Luxury Streetwear with HONESTGANG

Jay Honest has faced several challenges in his life. But he never let adversity beat him down. Despite everything he has been through, Jay has become the successful founder and CEO of HONESTGANG, one of the newest luxury streetwear brands to rise to fame. Together with his fiancee Alaska Grey, Jay Honest is making waves in the luxury streetwear fashion scene.

Jay Honest is a Canadian multilingual rapper, musician, songwriter, producer, PR expert, model, and fashion designer. A man of many talents and skills, he began his career in entertainment as a musician. Before creating his luxury streetwear brand HONESTGANG, Jay was known for his emotionally moving songs “WISH” and “HELP.” He proved his mettle as a rap, R&B, and dancehall artist by surpassing two million streams on Spotify. 

Highly skilled in PR, Jay Honest has also become a top social media manager for several artists and online content creators. In addition, he has helped several online personalities grow their brand and scale their reach with his highly technical skills. 

Despite his success as a musician and a PR strategist, Jay Honest still dreamed of becoming a world-class model and creating a luxury fashion line that can proudly sit next to the biggest brands in luxury fashion. After years of development and research, Jay has made his dream a reality. HONESTGANG is a luxury streetwear brand that offers high-quality luxury clothing and jewelry. Most pieces in their collection are designed by Jay himself, showcasing his abilities as a designer. 

The design philosophy for HONESTGANG is maintaining comfort while providing the best quality. Jay Honest plans to combat the effects of fast fashion on the environment by providing streetwear enthusiasts with a selection of clothes that are made to stand the test of time. But aside from championing comfort and quality, Jay also pushes for inclusive sizing. As a person with a lighter build, Jay often had difficulty finding clothes that suited his body type. And he noticed that people with heavier builds also find it challenging to find clothes that fit them. “I am underweight, and clothes don’t often sit well on my body. And people who are heavier also encounter a similar issue. Plus-sized clothing often comes with a markup in price, but with HONESTGANG, I decided against that. Everyone deserves to wear clothes they feel great in, no matter what the size! We operate on a ‘no size discrimination policy.’ Our clothes come in size XXS to &XL all at the same price point,” Jay explained. Jay Honest has come a long way since his days in a juvenile correctional facility and his battles with drug addiction. Today he is experiencing so much success with his luxury streetwear brand HONESTGANG. Aside from fashion, HONESTGANG is also a hub for artists and musicians. Jay has maintained his PR and social media work on the HONESTGANG platform and expanded into talent management. His fiancee Alaska Grey is also a PR expert, visual artist, model, and fashion designer. Together, the couple keeps building this luxury fashion brand into the powerhouse it is sure to become in the coming years.

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