Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer Elizabeth Rovens Steals the Show

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With an eye for all things fabulous and effortlessly chic, Slovakian Elizabeth Rovens is more than just your average fashion blogger. After finishing her schooling in Nitra, Slovakia, the lifestyle icon left her home and flew to the United States in the hopes of making it big in the industry someday. Elizabeth had always dreamt of moving to Beverly Hills, California, as a teenager. Upon moving to America, she was raised in a Hungarian family with three other siblings and “lots of other relatives,” she recalled. Elizabeth is multilingual and can speak Slovakian, Hungarian, and English. 

Over the years, the elegant and adventurous fashion icon has dipped her toes in many ventures. Aside from real estate, Elizabeth was also a certified yoga instructor. Now, she has a shop dedicated to providing T-shirts made with the highest quality Organic Supima Cotton, which is known as one of the strongest and softest in the world. The designs were created by a European artist, and they come in two colors: black and white. The themes on the T-shirt are popular yoga symbols representing peace, harmony, and spirituality. Currently, the T-shirts are up for grabs on her website.

The beautiful trendsetter is on her way to making waves in the fashion blogging industry. With over ten years of modeling experience under her belt, Elizabeth is determined to impart her knowledge and expertise to anyone who loves luxury fashion and beauty. 

In 2020, Elizabeth was invited by Fendi and Saks Fifth Avenue to her very first Fashion Week in Milano FW20. For the sophisticated style guru, to be a part of some of the most influential brands globally was an extraordinary experience. Elizabeth knows that this was the beginning of something great.

In her snazzy blog,, the fashion trailblazer showcases her love and passion for high-end aesthetics through her daily outfit and lifestyle posts. Elizabeth is dedicated to imparting her style expertise to her growing audience on all of her platforms.  Her blog mainly features luxury and exclusive fashion and limited edition beauty releases, giving a sneak peek into her glamorous lifestyle. “I want to give my audience a behind-the-scenes view into the high-end fashion industry,” she shared.  Aside from her blog, Elizabeth also gives her audience personal styling tips and advice on certain fashion pieces on her YouTube channel, where she faithfully documents her fabulous style choices and makeup, as well as her skincare routine and fun travel videos. 

With her classy aesthetics and refined style, the elegant fashion and lifestyle influencer truly has an exquisite taste and Elizabeth is more than honored to take her audience in for a spin. “You’ll frequently see me traveling the globe and attending fashion shows,” she said. “I take my passion for fashion wherever it leads me—carrying my Fendi clutch along for the ride!”

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