Maison Nica releases “Gaia Planet,” a Runway Album featuring Fashionista and LGBTQIA+ Icon Elton Ilirjani

Maison Nica
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South Korean fashion house Maison Nica takes the runway to the airwaves with their new, first-ever runway album, “Gaia Planet,” a groundbreaking concept that combines the worlds of fashion and music. 

Following the success of their recent show, the album is a tribute to Maison Nica’s runway event at Seoul Fashion Week in March 2023. The show was marked by some of South Korea’s leading fashion designers and artists, and featured creations that celebrated the fashion scene’s leading-edge, visionary aesthetics to a global audience.

Released on April 10 on Spotify, “Gaia Planet” is a heart-stopping, eclectic album that features four techno songs by renowned South Korean “jazz meets arts” musician Standard1 and produced by Grey Studio. Capturing the essence of the runway, the album is an auditory journey into a creative landscape of sounds and textures.

On the cover is none other than Maison Nica’s muse and friend, model and LGBTQIA+ icon Elton Ilirjani, who also walked the runway at Seoul Fashion Week for MMAM.

Elton Ilirjani is the first genderless model to walk for Seoul Fashion Week. Known for his daring style and infectious personality, Elton took the event by storm, walking in four runway shows during the illustrious week. 

These shows included the MMAM runway show on March 15, the Seokwoon Yoon runway show on March 16, the Greedilous show on March 17, and finally, the Maison Nica show on March 19. With each appearance, Elton showcased their versatility and ability to captivate audiences, further solidifying their position as a trailblazer in the fashion industry.

Elton Ilirjani

“Maison Nica’s muse and friend Elton is the main character of the album. Elton is well-meaning, iconic, and fashionable,” said Monica Koh, designer of Maison Nica.

“I’m so happy that the music from this iconic Maison Nica show, which I closed walking the runway, is immortalized in an album which everyone can listen to,” Elton remarks.

Elton’s impact on the fashion world is significant and unique. As a genderless runway model, Elton Ilirjani has walked for internationally acclaimed fashion brands like BESFXXK, a Seoul fashion brand, and most recently, for Seoul Fashion Week 2023. As the founder of the Dignity Global Foundation, his work both inside and outside the fashion industry has gained international recognition in various publications, such as Forbes, V Magazine, LA Weekly, and Miami Living Magazine.

The release of Maison Nica’s “Gaia Planet” album marks a new milestone in the intersection of fashion and music. With Elton Ilirjani as the central figure, the album celebrates the creativity and innovation of the fashion world, while also highlighting the importance of inclusivity and representation.

Elton Ilirjani

Along with Maison Nica’s “Gaia Planet” runway album garnering worldwide attention and praise, Elton Ilirjani’s star continues to rise in the international fashion scene. The fashionista expressed his anticipation for a return to the South Korean fashion scene, expressing: “I look forward to returning to Seoul Fashion Week as a runway model,” says Elton.

However, there’s no slowing down for this trailblazer, as Elton is set to take his unique style and captivating presence to the upcoming Paris Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week. Undoubtedly, Elton’s involvement in these major fashion events is a testament to his role as a symbol of inclusivity, representation, and innovation in the fashion world. 

As the industry embraces change, Elton Ilirjani is at the forefront, inspiring designers and fans alike with his boundary-pushing work and unwavering dedication to equality.

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