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MobileyMe Takes Center Stage With Its Offer of a Secure Cloud Service and Remote Access

A significant number of smartphone users nowadays do not pay enough attention to data storage and security. Although recent years have seen the rise of more durable and enduring phones, it still goes without saying that they will break down. Unfortunately for others, theirs get stolen or left behind — never to be found again — before they could even have the chance to depreciate. 

Regardless of the nature of the device issue, people, especially those who are not in the habit of backing up their data, will most likely have to contend with the fact that they no longer have access to what contained not only personal information but also pertinent ones about their families and friends. In cases of emergency, not having any access to one’s phone because it’s locked or dead is never ideal, so Myra Durrani made a move to address this concern by launching MobileyMe. 

MobileyMe is a highly-anticipated application by a tech startup founded by entrepreneur Myra Durrani. Widely-acclaimed for her professional achievements in the commercial space, this award-winning business figure has stepped into the mobile application industry after securing her position at the forefront of the entrepreneurial realm with the help of her construction company and multiple other establishments. 

Heralded as the next must-have addition to people’s app library, MobileyMe was designed to solve one of the most common problems smartphone users face — losing access to their phone after losing or breaking it. Powered by a revolutionary breakthrough in mobile application technology, it is expected to impress with its exceptional cloud service and an arsenal of functions. 

“MobileyMe bridges the gap by adding features that greatly enhance what is currently offered, which is quite simply inadequate for today’s communication needs. Our product is for every smartphone user in the world. Now, we have the solution to gain better control over your device instead of it controlling you,” Myra Durrani shares, highlighting how the status quo involves users being bound by the limits of their mobile phones. 

The secure cloud network that stands at the core of MobileyMe allows individuals to remotely access their phone’s Internet browsing, email, contacts, location services, camera, microphone, and more. Additionally, the advanced technology that powers this future hit enables users to lock and even wipe all data from their devices remotely. Apart from these features, MobileyMe also boasts ten gigabytes of complementary data storage and a free VPN blocker. 

Myra Durrani and the rest of the highly-competent team behind MobileyMe have recently secured a patent for this potential powerhouse. Having completed the beta release of the app on TestFlight successfully, they are looking forward to receiving the support of those who believe in its potential. 

After raising over $100,000, MobileyMe is currently aiming to obtain the means to materialize every planned function of the app through its new crowdfunding campaign on Fundopolis, an equity crowdfunding portal that aims to make it simple for individuals and communities to invest in and support the businesses they love. 

MobileyMe is gearing for a worldwide launch, and with its introduction to the market, it is set to gain attention and earn the patronage of millions of users worldwide for its ability and commitment to easing people’s worries about being locked out of their phones. 

Learn more about MobileyMe by visiting its website.

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