National Adhesive: The New Power Player in the Industry

Adhesives, sealants, and tapes will always be a part of building projects, whether the user is a professional contractor or a casual DIY-enthusiasts. With several options available on the market, National Adhesive makes it easier for their clients to find the products that suit their project’s needs.

National Adhesive only recently rose in the ranks of the North American adhesive market, but it comes with the backing of 25 years of success in the South African market. The company’s main line of adhesives and sealants is GlueDevil but is rebranded GlueAngel for the American market. GlueDevil is the leading producer of caulks, sealants, and adhesives. With the brand’s success at the 2019 AAPEX Trade Show, they were able to establish operations and supply chains in the United States. 

Soon after the launch of GlueAngel, National Adhesive released its following line called the Thicc brand. The line of products under this brand is better suited for industry-specific projects. A favorite among contractors, National Adhesive has also made this product accessible to regular commercial consumers. The company also launched a brand called Eish. Although considered an economy brand due to its reduced product size, Eish is still made of the same high-quality ingredients. This line packs a punch in providing high-caliber products at a more affordable price point. The success this company has experienced has paved the way for it to become the first DuPont’s Great Stuff licensee.

As a company, National Adhesive makes sure to cater to its customer’s needs. Beyond a wide range of products, they offer a platform where clients can easily understand the requirements of the project they are undertaking. This platform also serves as a dependable guide that leads clients to the tools they need. 

With the launch of this company’s new interactive knowledge-based platform, National Adhesive takes the guessing out of the mix. As a result, clients can quickly learn about their products, such as how and what to use them for and what products will work best for their level of use or expertise. This easy-to-use interactive platform also makes the purchasing process more streamlined. Building enthusiasts and professionals can also use this space to discuss projects, share advice and tips, as well as share their knowledge of different aspects of a project.

Taking on a massive project can be daunting, so National Adhesive has made it their practice to help people feel more confident in their capabilities. They provide their clients with the information, explanation, and guidance they need to accomplish their goals with the use of adhesives and sealants. 

In maintaining its attention on a niche industry, National Adhesive has primed itself to become a leading expert in this field. This priority forms the foundational structure of their website and platforms that are developed to serve their clients best. On their website, clients will never feel overwhelmed or bombarded by a barrage of unrelated products. Instead, they are a customer-focused company that provides their clients with solutions in the adhesive and sealant industry.

National Adhesive has survived decades in this industry for a reason. Not only do they have their priorities in order, but they also offer innovative solutions to cater to the needs of their clients. 

National Adhesive is a powerhouse in the adhesive and sealant industry. To learn more about the company and its products, you may visit their website.

Country: United States

Media Contact: Dean Vanzyl

Company: National Adhesive

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