Nick Luciano

Birthday: 10/24/1996

Nationality: American

Hometown: North East, Maryland

Height: 6′ 2″

Relatives: Mom: Sandy, Dad: Tony, Brothers: Anthony and Michael

Citizenship: United States

Occupation: Content Creator & Entrepreneur

Place of birth: Delaware

Languages spoken: English

Religion: Christian


Bachelors of Science – Mechanical Engineering


One of the most viral TikToks of all time

Recognition / Best known for

Sugar Crash Viral Video and Western Content Creation

Early life details

I grew up in the small town of North East Maryland. Played basketball, baseball, and football my whole life until college. I loved sports and always had a passion for animals.


Content Creator & Entrepreneur

Personal website / company website


Nick Luciano is a 24-year-old Cowboy and Content Creator. He currently lives on a ranch in North Texas and loves riding horses and diesel trucks, working out, and videography. He has been making content for 11 years in hopes of spreading joy and positivity. Growing up in the small town of North East, Maryland, he started recording and documenting his life, whether it was with a camcorder he got for Christmas or when the iPods first came out with cameras. This then migrated into making YouTube videos when smartphones came around. Some of his first videos were of himself and his friends doing basketball trick shots. At the same time, he got into gaming and started making Call of Duty sniper montage videos, which was way before streaming platforms were around. He later transitioned to the app Vine, where he pursued comedy. His followers grew to approximately 30,000, but school and sports got in the way and his creative outlet was suppressed. 

After Vine died, he started college where he filmed a few YouTube videos here and there and posted regularly on Instagram. As the years passed, he still wanted to spread good vibes through content creation, so he put all his effort into my education and getting his engineering degree. Two years into college, he moved from the East Coast to Texas and started living the cowboy lifestyle, where he began competing in rodeos. He then graduated from the University of North Texas College of Engineering in 2019 with a 4.0 GPA. 

After college, he started working as a Mechanical Engineer for the U.S. Army while competing in rodeos on the side. His position required working with high-speed cameras, and this led him to fall in love with the art of videography. He also had two great mentors along the way who helped me become the best videographer I can be and inspired him to learn everything about cameras and start a videography business of my own. That was the start of the “Luciano” brand. 

He started his company, Luciano Media LLC, and began filming small projects for friends and then progressed to weddings and promo videos for equestrians. He continued to learn more about filmmaking and cameras and soon realized he now had an outlet to express other creative passions, including motivational speaking and cinematography. 

Some time later, he downloaded TikTok while sitting at his desk at work. He saw the app’s potential and decided he wanted to be the biggest cowboy and content creator on the platform. He put his nose to the grindstone and started uploading all sorts of content, including comedy skits, clips from videography projects, and videos of the animals around the ranch. It took him an entire year to earn 100,000 followers, which was a huge accomplishment. This is where the Luciano Western Wear clothing line was born, which enabled him to spread positivity through his content and also through apparel. 

He developed the slogan “Bulletproof Mindset, Strive For Excellence.” His brand continued to grow to the point where he was able to leave his engineering position and pursue social media full time. He continued growing my brand and my social media outlets until he put out a video called “Sugar Crash,” which changed! He filmed that video while on vacation in Montana, and at the time of writing, that video is now the third most liked TikTok video ever and has boosted him from 600,000 followers to 4 million. He is now working on transitioning from the Sugar Crash guy to The Nick Luciano.