Suzette Shanle

Suzette Shanle Is Writing a TV Show Based on Her Book, Suzette’s Daddy Issues

A successful entrepreneur, mother, and wife, Suzette Shanle is an artist with several talents. Her expertise is the culmination of her life’s work. She owes her level of achievement to the early art and literature she produced throughout her life. Her latest apparel line on “Le Galeriste,” as well as her paintings and other creative endeavors, reflect her upbeat outlook on life. Currently, she is producing a television series titled after her book and finishing the script with a known writer.

Suzette has spent more than 40 years happily employed in the entertainment industry. She began her career working for print magazines, including the Tampa Bay Magazine. Later, she co-hosted the show Auto Trader, which was taped in the Tampa-St. Petersburg region. Suzette was honored for her literary accomplishments by former US Vice President Dan Quayle and studied broadcasting and media arts.

Suzette continues to innovate in the fields of communication, marketing, and entertainment while juggling her roles as a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife.

In her early twenties, she became aware of her aptitude for marketing and began using her artwork as a tool to create flyers and business cards. Being sociable has proven to be her strongest asset, as she enjoys interacting with people. Her parents had a strong influence on her business attitude as she was growing up. This gave her the self-assurance and expertise she needed to be successful in her first business in her early twenties. She quickly realized that no one else would work as hard as she did and that she didn’t want to be controlled or restricted in pursuing her professional aspirations. To move at her own pace and fulfill her own objectives, she realized she had to create her own brand.

From the outside, strangers may see an accomplished woman who was set up for success at an early age. However, getting to this stage in her life and career was an uphill struggle. Suzette’s Daddy Issues, her autobiography, is based on her own tragic and motivational life story.

Suzette’s Daddy Issues is her first book and serves as a tribute to her resilient family as they progressed through the decades of crime and violence from her many fathers. The book explores Suzette’s complicated upbringing and her unanswered questions on who her real father is.

In addition, her perception has been distorted her entire life as a result of a head injury. Her art teachers attempted to fix her supposed problem early on, but she soon realized that her unusual perception is what she believes sets her work apart. She tortured herself for years trying to maintain order and create art in a way that wasn’t natural to her.

In contrast to my earlier work, she has now liberated herself, accepted my flaws, and enjoys my distinctive qualities. “I feel with age I have become less concerned with pleasing others and just being me—flaws and all! I can celebrate life and art as it’s all the same to me, whether it’s my photography, paintings, clothing design, including the books I write. I always hope my work is appreciated for its originality, and that, to me, is what sets me apart from other artists,” she said.

She is currently developing a television show based on her novel and finishing the script of the first show with an established screenwriter, with the help of Brandon Blake of Blake and Wang as her representative.

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