The Green Living Guy Productions Founder Seth Leitman Sheds Light on the Impact of Going Green

Photo taken from CES 2018 of Leitman announcing for Panasonic USA their relationship with Tesla Motors.

Several forces exist that drive people towards the pinnacles of greatness. Some consider gaining the ability to generate wealth or increase visibility as a source of motivation, while others are fueled by more philanthropic purposes, such as possessing the capacity to spark change, transcend limitations, or impact lives. In the case of Seth Leitman, the brilliant mind behind The Green Living Guy Productions, the ultimate catapulting device that has helped him secure a coveted position in various trades are his efforts in caring for and preserving the environment. Rising through the ranks, he emerges as an instrument of hope, sharing his deep-seated love for the environment with the world.

Being an electric car expert who is widely recognized as the green living guru, Seth Leitman has ultimately dedicated his life to the promotion and preservation of the environment. As a matter of fact, he has made significant strides to widen the reach of his advocacy for almost three decades, speaking volumes of his commitment and passion for Mother Nature. For this reason, he decided to establish The Green Living Guy Productions with a purpose-driven vision in mind.

“I had always loved the environment, but I realized that in order to bring justice to this, I had to elevate the love to a much larger scale,” shared the powerhouse.

Passionately established by Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy Productions is a company that boasts colors of its founder’s commitment to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. It offers a wide variety of services, from flogging, blogging, consultation, and social media promotions and services to filmmaking and TV productions. In other words, it serves as a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to get ahead in their respective fields in the most sustainable way possible. 

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, The Green Living Guy Productions has managed to establish a name across an ever-dynamic industry. As a matter of fact, it has worked in various purpose-driven initiatives across public and private sectors, speaking volumes of the founder’s passion and competence as a green advocate. On top of that, the brilliant mind behind this trailblazing enterprise is also a member of the International Motor Press Association and the president of the local Electric Vehicle Association.

By continuing to defy odds, The Green Living Guy Productions is on its way to dominating the scenes with grace and finesse. Although its initiatives ring true to Leitman’s dedication to sustainable living, it is also committed to launching its clients to greater heights. This emerging entity is not only moving towards the betterment of the environment, but it is also serving as a catapulting device for go-getters across the globe, making The Green Living Guy® an all-around authority in the industry.

One of his recent prides was organizing an electric school bus press conference with four New York State Senators led and Green Power Motor Company. It received so much recognition and support across many organizations, plus different cities and towns throughout his local Westchester County, NY. 

Although the move to sustainable living has a long way to go, Seth Leitman remains adamant in his quest for a better world. As he continues to reach impressive heights, he vows to expand his company’s horizons, inviting more individuals and communities on his journey.

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