Turning Passion to Profit: How This Classical Musician Is Leading Creatives to Business Growth

Have you ever heard the term “starving artist”? It’s a disempowering mentality that Canadian concert pianist and teacher Carmen Morin feels needs to become obsolete.  On the contrary, Morin advocates that the discipline and mindset developed in musical and artistic training is precisely what will serve as an advantage in business.

Carmen Morin was labelled a child prodigy and made her solo debut with orchestra at the age of only 10 years old. In her youth, she received recognition at the international level, even representing the Canadian Embassy in performances to showcase national talent. However, when she chose to pursue music as a career, she was surprised to be met with many limiting beliefs and misconceptions from others. Like so many, she was advised that pursuing a career in the arts would mean a lack of stability and income. A life of a “starving artist”.

Fast forward into adulthood and the Calgary-born creative is now the sole owner and visionary behind a multiple seven-figure enterprise, including an online music school where she teaches aspiring classical pianists the creative and business side of the craft. The award winning teacher, entrepreneur and business coach now advocates how her musical and artistic training is exactly what helped her excel as a businesswoman.  

With all she has learned by building a highly successful business in a specialized niche, Carmen has now shifted her focus to sharing with others how they can do the same. Her business coaching program, Passion to Profit, is designed to guide entrepreneurs to build their ideal creative life, focusing their energy in their area of expertise to maximize impact. Morin teaches how to double your profit margins using her signature hybrid model that combines service-based business with online education. 

“Many will wrongly assume that artists are likely to struggle in business; however, I believe quite the opposite,” Carmen notes. “Our creative minds that we have trained with discipline to adapt and think dynamically gives creative and artistic people a huge advantage in the entrepreneurial world when we choose to trust and harness it.”

While Carmen enjoys her accolades, she believes it’s the next natural step to help upcoming entrepreneurs find their footing in their respective service-based industries. By teaching others through Passion to Profit how to build a healthy business contributing what they love she knows that it can support others. 

Morin shares, “I’ve learned that people often don’t realize how close they are to realizing their dreams. With all I’ve learned I feel it’s important to share the steps with those ready to take that leap.”

Among her many awards and accolades since beginning her teaching and business journey, she was included in the first class of North American inductees into the Steinway and Sons Teacher Hall of Fame in New York in 2019. This prestigious recognition celebrates North America’s most committed and passionate piano educators and Carmen’s name is now featured in the iconic Steinway Factory in New York. 

 Learn more about Carmen Morin on her website and her Instagram page. 

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