Sarah Alysse Taking Healthy Living beyond Fitness to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Sarah Alysse is a top health and wellness coach who has helped many people change their lives for the better. She specializes in stress management and fitness, and has dedicated her career to helping people maintain a healthy life through fitness training and strategies. Realizing that fitness may not be the only key to living a healthy life, she developed the “Enhance Your Life” program, an all-encompassing program designed to help people lead better and healthier lives.

She came up with the three important pillars for maintaining a work-life balance, which are stress management, nutrition, and fitness performance. Through her tailored program, many people have reaped the benefits. Her journey of becoming a fitness expert began when she was in college at Columbia College Chicago. Dance was a part of her musical theater studies, but she had problems with her core stability and balance. Her dance teacher advised her to take some much needed Pilates sessions. These worked for her, and she could never leave fitness behind her afterward.

Right after earning her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, she traveled around Europe, and her passion for fitness got rejuvenated. On her return to the US, she explored it further by taking a Stott Pilates course. She became a certified Pilates trainer with a specialty in mind and body connection. Not long after, her father passed away after battling with stage IV kidney cancer. His death motivated Sarah Alysse to take it upon herself to enlighten the corporate world and other individuals with the tools to help them balance career and personal life.

Sarah Alysse holds certifications as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Some of her other certifications include Total Barre™, NASM-CPT, TRX®, Kriser’s Cycling Foundations, bellicon Training and ZEN•GA. She has taught her Stress Management “Enhance Your Life” and Pilates Training Programs to numerous clients, but she took it to another level by creating the “Elevate Your Life” program where she meets with individual clients twice a week for 4 months. 

In her words, “I tackle my client’s problems from the inside out. In individual sessions, we focus on understanding our brain-gut connection, developing mindfulness around our stressors, and enhancing fitness performance with functional movements.” Her program ensures that her clients manage stress effectively and check their nutrition and fitness performance regularly. With Sarah’s holistic approach, which is often in tandem with her client’s ever-changing needs, she has climbed to the top of the best coaches list.

In the last three years, Sarah Alysse has been working on her health and wellness business named “Live Well Enhance You,” which is set to launch online. She hosts the “Stress-Free SOULutions with Sarah” weekly show on her Facebook group, where she organizes a community of people trying to achieve the perfect balance between their personal life and work. She discusses various ways to manage stress and invites guest experts to come on to share their personal stories.

Sarah Alysse is doing quite a lot for the fitness and healthy living world. She guides and inspires clients to take action now in all facets of their lives.   

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