Teenage Tycoon Marko Filipovic on Building a Seven-Digit Coaching Empire at 17 Years Old

Financial freedom is something that nearly every person alive strives to achieve, and yet it is something so elusive that many fail to achieve in their lifetime. It takes skill, hard work, and a certain amount of luck, and teenage tycoon Marko Filipovic is nothing short of any of the three.

Marko Filipovic is a tri-lingual Serbian-American who once dreamed of making a full-time career out of his incredible magic performances. More than that, he is a 17-year-old entrepreneur who is well on his way to building a seven-figure empire on coaching and mentorship. The young coach has a deep well of charisma and wisdom that he leverages to attract clients and lead them to the best way to realize their ideals. In the short span of six months, he has grown his home-based, phone-based business to six figures.

Born and raised in Serbia in 2003, the young mentor, coach, course creator, entrepreneur, and online business consultant moved to the United States in 2019 for better opportunities. The then-aspiring magician was focused on building his magical repertoire and polishing his skills to build a full-time career out of bringing entertainment and fun to people. This plan came to a halt, however, when an idea came to him in 2020: instead of tiring himself, performing for a living, why not build a career out of something that will give him much more freedom?

He fell in love with the idea of working from home, in a flourishing lucrative enterprise, and being free to go wherever he desires whenever he wants. And so the middle of 2020 witnessed one Marko Filipovic embarking on a quest to fulfill his new vision: financial freedom on his own terms.

Of course, success comes easy for no one. After a series of hardships, ups and downs, and numerous lessons learned from mistakes, the teenage entrepreneur has firmly planted his feet and firmly established his authority in the market. This is the gist of how the 17-year-old tycoon grew to earn easily more than $10,000 per month while working at any time, at any place with complete freedom.

The young coach has built his reputation as an effective mentor and business consultant on the foundation of the specifically catered programs he constructs after a thorough one-on-one consultation. With specially customized mentorship programs and courses fitted and set up to revolve around his clients’ specific needs, he has guided and seen every single one of his clients succeed. His guidance doesn’t end there, however, as Marko Filipovic teaches his mentees on exactly how they can scale their businesses after working with him.

With this methodology to online coaching, he has enjoyed the privilege of working with over 80+ known celebrities across the United States. His name has also been gaining a lot of traction recently, especially with many of his clients consecutively climbing the ladder of success, earning him over a dozen feature articles in different publications.

“It has truly been a journey on which I met a lot of people and on which I had a lot of great experiences!” He talks about his success story. The successes he achieved at such a young age is only the beginning of Marko Filipovic’s legacy, and surely, the future has more in store for him. Learn more about him on his Instagram.

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