Actor TJ Jackson Talks Ruthless, Impressing Tyler Perry, His Celebrity Crush and More

TJ Jackson
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Every year in Hollywood a handful of fresh faces arrive on the scene creating noteworthy buzz. When this happens, it often seems like an “Overnight Success Story” until you search further, and realize they’ve been putting in a lot of overnights to get to where they are. 

Actor TJ Jackson is arguably one of 2021’s most buzz-worthy actors. Jackson seemed to be everywhere a screen was, from Hulu’s “Vacation Friends” starring WWE Wrestler John Cena, “P-Valley’s” Emmy worthy Second Season, Dominos National Stranger Things themed commercial to Season 3 of Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless

We were able to catch up with Tyler, Texas Native Superstar to give an exclusive interview you won’t find anywhere else.

The Award Winning Actor arrives in a High-Fashion ensemble wearing a Venetian Pink Sweater, raised Chocolate Brown Pants, Light Blue socks and Black Boots.

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Let’s Talk Tyler Perry’s Ruthless Season 3! What was is like for you tapping into the role of Cult-Member “Josiah”? 

It was fun & rewarding. Even before Mr. Perry brought me back & I went from “Cult Member” to “Josiah”, deep down I knew I was always Josiah. 

Did you find any similarities between you and him? 

Yes, I did. Josiah is loyal, helpful, and a hopeless romantic (so am I). He’s initially at The Compound like everyone else, to feel accepted & loved. 

Is there something that surprised you about Josiah? 

I did not expect Josiah to catch feelings for Zane, or anyone for that matter, but he did. 

What was it like working with Tyler Perry? 

Fast & freeing. Because Mr. Perry films so fast (north of 115 pages a day), I went into each scene having a solid idea of what I wanted to do, but then the complete freedom to play with my scene partners and create something together. 

Do you have a favorite moment or Scene working with him? 

Absolutely! One day I was walking out of The Compound and Mr. Perry happened to be walking, alone, back into it. We were about 10 seconds from passing each other so in my mind I began to prepare for him to simply smile & say “Hello” after which I’d say “Hello, sir” and then that would be it. However, as we approached each other he looked up at me, smiled and said “hey, great job today”. I had to mentally pinch myself to keep from being totally speechless (lol). I responded “wow, thank you sir”. Around midnight when I was home & picture-wrapped, I received a phone call from the AD: “Hey, so Mr. Perry likes you and is going to bring you back”. Thank you Mr. Perry!

Do you have a favorite Ruthless character? 

If so, why? 

The Elder Mother is the embodiment of the Rakudushis. She is also freaking hilarious!

If you were stuck on an island with 3 ruthless cast members who would they be and why? 

Zane, for love. Ruth, for order & figuring out a way to get off the island. And Wilson (from the movie Cast Away), because you can’t be stuck on an island and NOT have Wilson (lol). 

Is TJ Jackson Single? 

Yes, I am. 

Are there any KEY things you look for in a relationship?

 I am looking for a woman I can build, grow, and win with. Someone who understands that we are two individuals choosing to partner up and take on this thing called life, together. 

Do you have a celebrity crush? 

I do actually. Zendaya


Sourced Photo

(Image by Published Photographer George Lott)

If you could be anyone for one day, who and why? 

I’d love to have Denzel Washington as my personal & professional mentor. So if that never happens then I’d like to be him for one day to pick my own brain, and learn everything I need to know for a long & successful career in this industry. 

Millions have watched you in Films and TV shows, what piece of advice would you give aspiring actors? 

Learn to love who you are (flaws and all), and know that you are enough. 

If you could work with any actor and director who and why? (Dead or Alive) 

I would’ve loved for Spike Lee to direct a film called “Able” where I play the role of Abel, the late Chadwick Boseman plays my brother Cain, and our father Adam is played by Denzel Washington. Just…wow.

What’s something most would be surprised to learn about you? 

The scar I have on my face is a result of me running from a whooping when I was a child (lol). I was running around the living room glass table when I slipped and fell on the corner of it. Coincidentally, my father has a scar from a similar story but on the opposite side of his face. Guess it “runs” in the family (lol).

Outside of Acting, what’s something you genuinely love to do? 

I genuinely love helping people learn how to generate & build passive income, especially other actors. I recently started a mentorship program called “The Wealthy Actor” with the purpose of helping others build generational wealth one backyard at a time. I also love playing tennis!

Favorite Quote?

The sky is not the limit, it’s only the beginning…so dream big!

Knowing what you know now, What’s something you would tell your younger self? 

Don’t stress over things you can’t control. Focus on what you can control, and what you can’t, say a prayer and give it to God. 

What’s next for TJ Jackson? If you can reveal, What can we look forward to seeing you in next? 

I literally just finished my first book titled “The Wealthy Actor” on December 31, 2022. I’m really excited about this book and the mentorship program growing & helping as many actors/artists as I can. 2023 is going to be a great year!

TJ Jackson Is Represented by Privilege Talent Agency & Jarvis Co. Agency. To follow the latest on TJ Jackson visit Here.  

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