Willie Ravenna on Pursuing His Passion and Aiming to Reach Great Heights as a Photographer

Along with the recent changes in the economic, social, and political landscapes and the advancements in technology is the shift in perspective about what constitutes success and how to get there. Decades ago, people who wished to have a career outside of law or medicine were almost always frowned upon, and those aiming to dip their toes in the creative field, in particular, were discouraged from doing so. However, current times paint a different picture. Pursuing one’s passion is not only recommended; it has become one of the norms. Matthew William Ravenna is among today’s go-getters who have chosen to bank on their interests and build a career out of what they love. 

Originally hailing from Tampa, Florida, this eighteen-year-old freelance photographer and videographer received a camera for his seventeenth birthday, a gift that would come to play a massive role in his future. When he started to capture everyday moments and immortalize them into pictures, he then realized his skills behind the camera. From there, his interest in the art blossomed, and soon enough, Willie Ravena made the steps necessary in perfecting his craft, enrolling in a photography course in high school and practicing every single day. 

The decision to carve a path toward the forefront of the industry as a photographer came naturally to Willie Ravenna. “I knew I was creative, and I’ve always had a passion for art. I figured that I could show my creativity and express my love for art through the lens of my camera,” he shared. It helped that he also has the all-out support of his parents, both of which found their calling and are excelling in their respective fields. 

Ever since discovering his penchant for taking pictures, Willie Ravenna has poured his time and effort into gaining a solid foothold in the Florida photography scene. So far, he has taken on different projects for local schools and sports teams, shooting and editing photos and videos for highlight reels. Additionally, this passion-fueled figure is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with numerous college sports teams, including the University of Tampa, the University of South Florida, and more. Set to partner with Florida College soon, he has managed to lengthen his list of clients amid the pandemic because of the freedom and ease of movement afforded by his freelance status. 

Like any other beginner, Willie Ravenna faced his fair share of challenges. Learning the Adobe programs that are essential in his line of work proved to be daunting at first, and immersing himself in the world of photography and videography hasn’t been a walk in the park. But his budding success is a testament to the fact that it will always be possible to reach great heights so long as people persevere and remain committed to their goals.  

In the future, more can be expected from Willie Ravenna. Armed with big plans, he is bound to become a must-watch force in the industry in the years to come. 

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